Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scotia's Videos

My email address is derived from the town that I grew up in; This weekend, while looking over a website on Synesthesia, recommended by my daughter, Elizabeth, I found a vodcast video that I have seen before. It is an interview with Georgia O"Keefe and the video is outstanding. I have added a gadget at the bottom of my page for you all to click on and enjoy, hense the term, Scotia's videos.

Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens by Patricia Lynne Duffy is a book that my daughter found at the library, which is our first introduction to the term synesthesia. I am just starting the book myself, but it looks like a very informative read for anyone, but especially for artists.

This has been a great weekend, so far. I did a short paddle in my kyak with my daughter, and got pictures of nesting loons, and then some walking on Hampton Beach and Seabrook Beach, to look through tidepools and enjoy the summer sun! All of this becomes more ideas for fiber art!

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