Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Painting Ducks

I have been painting a new quilt over the last few days. I would love to post my work in progress, but now I am wondering if I should? I think I have eliminated my last quilt from some shows that I might have entered, because pictures of the work have been on my blog. I think I won't post duck pictures just yet. I really want my blog to be kind of a work in progress journal, so maybe I should just not enter shows where published pictures are a problem? Don't know, haven't decided yet? Feedback anyone?

Snow Dyeing Results

Well I certainly didn't have outstanding results. I have two more blah pieces, which I may over-dye at some point. I did manage to use up the old dye pastes, which had hung around for a year, so I did accomplish something!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow Dyeing -- Yikes!

There were so many snow dyeing messages on quiltart, that they drove me nuts! Then I thought about that piece of fabric that I had soaked in soda ash last February and some left over dye paste, also a year old. So, guess who has a pot of snow on the porch! Oh well, guess I had to try it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Egypt Quilted

Well, I'm in the home stretch with my first major quilt of the new year. I have just added the binding and need to stitch it down, but I'm pretty happy with this painted quilt. I have done very dense quilting on this one. I don't always do that. I have finished it in a month's time, so that is also a good accomplishment for me.

Some people who looked at the painting in progress were interested in how it would look quilted, so here it is. Feedback is always welcome.