Sunday, November 24, 2013

Very Big Project

There is a new project on my agenda this week.  I am an approved artist for A Seahorse Dream project.  Last spring they invited local artists to submit proposals to decorate a 5 ft tall seahorse, to benefit The Gollisano Children's Hospital.  I sent in a proposal, was approved and have been waiting for a sponsor.  I now haven a sponsor and a seahorse but I am changing my original design to fit the theme of my sponsor.  My head is filled with ideas.  I picked up the seahorse yesterday and started pairing last night!  Wish me luck!   He resides in my bedroom, so no chance to work all night, although my husband is used to putting his pillow over his head to block out my all night art sessions!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Unfinished piece completed

I started painting this soy milk painting on muslin about six months ago. I had taken a soy milk painting workshop and had paint left over that had to be used up or thrown out. I had one of my folders of photos that I had taken with me, so while other people in the class were sewing, I was really still in the mood to paint. I sketched from my photo and painted. It sat around for a while because I was busy with other projects, but this week I decided to get it out of the way and finish it. I love to use synthetic fabrics as I go along because I like shiny water and my frothy areas are white tulle. I wad it up and then sew it down as I go, when I am doing the quilting.  I hope I achieved the tumbling water effect? What do you think?  This is a scene from NH , close to where I used to live.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Inktense pencil work complete

I finished my plant leaves with the Inktense pencils, trapuntoed part of the work and then decided to cut away some of the background muslin and appliqué this piece on black fabric.  Without the black fabric, it just didn't have the vibrant look that I was trying to achieve.  I then satin stitched the edges of the appliqué.  I was still not happy.  I enhanced some of the color with Fabrico markers and that helped.  I then decided not to fabric wrap on canvas, but instead, to add a narrow red binding.
All in all, it was a fairly successful experiment.  I just need to hand sew my binding, add a sleeve and a label and I have another small finished piece.  Nothing is ever really quick with me!