Thursday, March 31, 2011

Slice Quilt: Second Round!

In March my first slice quilt was completed. Ten members of SAFA, Seacoast Association of Fiber Artists, worked on translating two of my digital photos into two slice quilts. As a group we were very pleased with the results of our first attempts. Two of the members and I decided to try another slice quilt, so we have picked a photo and are now working on our slices! This is a great learning experience and we all benefit from each other's critiques.

March 12 Opening

On March 12, our SAFA ( Seacoast Association of Fiber Artists ) group openned a show at the Mark Wentwoth Retirement Home in Portsmouth, NH. We hope that both the residents and community members with enjoy the display of our work. The show will continue until May 11th. The above picture captures some of my work that is hanging at this show.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finally Figured It Out!!!

About six months ago, I purchased a projector from another quilter. I don't know this artist, but she was kind enough to sell me this projector for the cost of shipping. For six months I have not been able to figure out how to project my photos from my laptop to cloth. Then another kind person on the quilt art list gave me the answer! Yesterday, I figured it out and this is my first projection.
I took the photo of this horse and rider last fall and it is the first thing I've tried sketching from the projected image. Of course, then I had to try painting it! This is what I've accomplished since yesterday afternoon. What do you think?