Friday, December 20, 2013

Heron in Process

I haven't gotten too far on my latest project, this week.  I did whip up a quick wine carrier and a hot dish for a holiday party.  Back pain has influenced my activities this week, so I need to get in gear.  It may be low gear for a few days.  Turning off my machine now and getting into the pool for some water therapy.  Happy holidays to all!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Working on Fabric

I had just started sketching a Great Blue Heron onto hand dyed cloth, when I suddenly had to switch gears and create a new seahorse design. Now that my seahorse has been turned in to the Seahorse Dream committe, it' time to return to painted cloth. This has been on my easel, so I have taken some swipes at it as I mixed paint this past week. My next step is to trapunto the bird. I don't intend to complicate this one. I think he is just going to stand in shallow areas of water. I'll do that by applying sheers around his feet after the trapunto is done. Here is is so far. Time to get to work!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Meet Seminole Star

Two weeks ago, I had a blank seahorse.  I now have the finished product.  Meet Seminole Star, my seahorse representing the Florida Seminole Indians.  I have tried to represent traditional dress, the animals and birds in their environment, symbols such as sun, moon and stars, clouds, smoke and fire, baskets, fish, bear turkey, blue heron , flying egrets, turtle, nesting and flying eagle, water, sand and seashells.  I also had to duplicate it in miniature!.  It was a challenge, but it is ready to go for it's layers of clearcoat.  This is my first community art project!