Friday, November 8, 2013

Inktense pencil work complete

I finished my plant leaves with the Inktense pencils, trapuntoed part of the work and then decided to cut away some of the background muslin and appliqué this piece on black fabric.  Without the black fabric, it just didn't have the vibrant look that I was trying to achieve.  I then satin stitched the edges of the appliqué.  I was still not happy.  I enhanced some of the color with Fabrico markers and that helped.  I then decided not to fabric wrap on canvas, but instead, to add a narrow red binding.
All in all, it was a fairly successful experiment.  I just need to hand sew my binding, add a sleeve and a label and I have another small finished piece.  Nothing is ever really quick with me!


  1. when I used inktense on fabric, the color intensified with water, but then ran. And it dried much lighter that I had wanted. Yours choices were good, red/black
    LeeAnna Paylor

  2. Thanks. I wish my lizard on the leaf was bolder, but in reality they blend to camouflage themselves.