Friday, November 15, 2013

Unfinished piece completed

I started painting this soy milk painting on muslin about six months ago. I had taken a soy milk painting workshop and had paint left over that had to be used up or thrown out. I had one of my folders of photos that I had taken with me, so while other people in the class were sewing, I was really still in the mood to paint. I sketched from my photo and painted. It sat around for a while because I was busy with other projects, but this week I decided to get it out of the way and finish it. I love to use synthetic fabrics as I go along because I like shiny water and my frothy areas are white tulle. I wad it up and then sew it down as I go, when I am doing the quilting.  I hope I achieved the tumbling water effect? What do you think?  This is a scene from NH , close to where I used to live.


  1. I like this piece very much -- especially the irregular bottom binding. :-) Alas, the photo didn't enlarge when I clicked on it, so couldn't see your tulle work in detail. Great idea, though!

  2. so interesting. Love painting don't you?
    LeeAnna Paylor

  3. I paint on all of my work. I do painted whole cloth using black or white fabric or fabric that I have dyed. I do love to add those synthetic overlays as I do the quilting when I have a water scene. I am sorry that the photo will not enlarge.