Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Design Wall or Story Board ????

There is always talk about using a design wall, or layout board or is it a story board?  I tend to see my quilts as pictures or, "scenes."  That is how they form for me in my mind's eye.  I can see the scene.
I think sharing our design walls in, "Off the Wall Fridays," will help us all to see the design process of other fiber artists.
Today, I painted some Setacolor paints ( very watered down ) onto my next story board.  It will be the background for my next large quilt, which I plan to enter locally in an art show.
I can already see the characters in the scene.  Do you all think this way as you create?  I wonder?

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  1. Interesting point, particularly for artists like yourself who produce pictorial designs. My designs, if I put them into concrete form before sewing them together, are pencil linear sketches on the blank page of a book. the wall is where I pin pieces of a design as I produce them before I finally sew all the parts together. the SAQA oceania group will be doing a studio bloghop early next year - we will publicise it, watch for it - you're sure to see some different ways people go about designing their work.