Friday, August 31, 2012

All About Polka Dots

I posted this week about, "Story Board or Design Wall," which do you use?  I am creating a quilt for another local show.  The subject for the entries is, " Fashion's Influence on Contempory Life."  I instantly knew that my quilt would be, "All About Polka Dots."  I am now building my storyboard.  In the center will be a woman wearing  a yellow polka dot blouse ( I have that blouse ) and she will be serving tea from her black and white polka dot teapot ( I have that teapot),  In the background will be "fashionable women," and in the foreground a small girl and her dog.  The attached picture is where I am so far, as the, "story," unfolds!  Stay tuned in, as they say!


  1. Nice concept and promising WIP! At first sight it remembered me a mix of Alice (for the teapot) and Dorothy (for the dog) two of my favourite characters :)

  2. Oh. There is a story unfolding and will love to see what happens in that story! I do love polkadots too.

  3. I was also reminded of Alice at first glance. I like your story board idea - I have never thought of the design wall as a story board. Very creative.