Thursday, September 17, 2009

Winter In New England; finished

Just made my label for this quilt that I posted about when it was on my machine. I faced this one instead of binding. What do you think? This one started out not from my usual photo, but because I wanted to use some of my metallic paints. Metallic stripes became trees, and I went on from there. I added the deer in the lower field by cutting a small deer from a picture of deer in our field that I had printed on cloth. I guess I do always have to get a photo influence in there!

I just love those shiny fabrics for an icy lake!

Feedback welcome.


  1. It's lovely! Makes me think of what's coming sooner than I want. Winter! Your thread work trees are terrific.

  2. HI Judy,
    Nice composition although I'm NOT ready for snow. I do not like binding; hate to do it and mostly I do not think it adds to the quilt. For this composition, I think I might like a border, then facing. HOwever, I always like borders. That's just me.
    Enjoy the journey,

  3. Hey Don't rush the winter- yet it feels very Autumn out now. I bet you were just sailing across that quilt with your longarm! Nice work!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to look and for the comments. It's great to get feedback! Wen, when you said that you were working at camp last weekend, I almost traveled down the hill to see what you were up to!

  5. nice... I am feeling the need to play with paints and you have given me some inspiration!
    I really need to start using more of my photos to make into've inspired me!

  6. I happened across this blog and your Winter in New England -- it's beautiful. Did you draw the hardwood trees in with paintsticks (or something similar) after quilting? And what are the little pine trees made of? They look fabulous, I wish I could see it in person!!