Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Project Funway Continues - Paper Challenge!

Just finished a journal quilt that I have been thinking about as we traveled in the RV this past weekend. I was thinking about the, "paper challenge," on PR, so my journal quilt is Reta Recycle. Her teeshirt is a tea bag envelope, her skirt is newspaper and bits of yarn, and like all self-conscious women,she put a bag on her head to cover a bad hair day. What do you think? This is # 4 in my series, Project Funway.


  1. I think she's very cute! One group I belong to did this last year. We either made an outfit for a paper doll or an art quilt based on the PR project of the week. I only did a couple but they were fun.

  2. Thanks for looking, Norma. It was a fun to make, journal quilt!