Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Day Fishing - but it's winter on my longarm!

We spent a lovely, but cool day, out on the boat in Portsmouth Harbor. All kinds of sailboats and kyaks were out. It was a great fall day. I got home and decided to turn on my long arm, to thread paint a little more on my winter scene. Don't know why I'm working on a winter piece right now, except that I am trying to get it off my machine! Summer pictures are waiting in the wings, and three small off-the-cuff journal quilts are waiting to be completed. So many pictures in my head and I am trying to stitch them out!

I think I am trying to get back to a clean slate. Does that ever happen? I hate having incomplete work!

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  1. If you find out how to get a clean slate.. please post.[Smile]
    Thank you so much for your post to my blog, I appreciate it very much.