Friday, April 23, 2010

Painting From the Masters

On quilt art, they often discuss doing art from other people's pictures or doing art that may look like another's work. I usually skim these posts and delete, because I basicly work from my own digital photos. Last year, while at the Lowell Quilt Festival in Massachusetts, I went to visit one of the smaller galleries, The Whistler. I loved that little gallery and thought that this year I would try to do a piece that I could enter there. Well, this year, they have a required theme, Reinterpreting the Masters, and that didn't interest me. I don't want to reinterpret anything, I just want to do my own work. But, this little desire to make something to enter at the Whistler has nagged at me, and I have been going to try a quilt with irises from my garden pictures, so can I try an iris quilt for the Whistler? Of course I've waited late on this project, because I am still quilting my Palm Beach quilt, and I generally work on one thing at a time.

To make a long story short.......which I can never do, if you know me......I set up my easel in the living room on Wednesday evening. While I watched the NBA playoffs, I painted my version of Van Gogh's irises. I may add paint, I may add fabric, I will do thread painting. Anyway, it may turn into nothing, but it's what was in my head on this subject, so thought I'd try it. What do you think? Have I taken this assignment too literally? I looked at the picture and kind of painted my version onto cloth.


  1. That painting is definitely not anything like "The Iris", which used to hang in a tiny gallery next to the dental clinic I go to. It does remind me of something Impressionistic, maybe by Monet. The colors are absolutely on target. Keep going and you will get there. It is really a wonderful beginning.

  2. I think your painting is lovely and probably more on the right track than I was with my disaster. I will be anxious to see what gets into this show.