Friday, June 10, 2011

The Rhythm of Thread Work

Miami Skyline is on my long arm and I am just getting into the rhythm of quilting. Do the rest of you quilters feel that? Some times someone will ask me how I decide on my background quilting design? There is really no decision except the unconscious one. As with many design elements, "you go with the flow." I fire up the machine and the stitches just flow, like handwriting across the surface of the fabric. I get into a rhythm and begin to see the complete picture. It starts with the photo, melds into the painted surface and is completed by the stitching. Another quilter recently asked the question, when is you product art? I don't know? When I write, words jump off the end of my pen. When I create fiber art, the stitches and the colors, do much the same thing. Is this the artistic zone? What do you think?

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