Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two pieces finished !

I recently finished two pieces and am now wondering what to start working on today? I had painted a small version of my large quilt, "Saturday in Searsport," taken from my own digital photo of a harbor seal, but never quilted it. I put it on my machine about a week ago and decided after doing some of the quilting, that it needed sheer fabrics layed over part of the painted surface, to show the, "splash." Then I decided that all the water needed sheer fabric, so I added more. Then the question was once again, to bind or not to bind? Here is the finished product. Feedback welcome.

The next piece was a labor of love, a gift for a friend. This image was in my head and wanted out! She burst onto the fabric with the pure joy, that I wish for my friend, Judy!

Now off to the drawing board to see what's next!


  1. Love the seal! The water effect is very good--I can really see the splash. And--his face is very cute.
    Your use of the shiny sheer stuff gives me an idea for a little quilt I want to do--a refelction in an icy puddle. Thanks for sharing your quilts!

  2. Your welcome, Antonija! Glad I gave you an idea for your puddle. When I look at other people's work, like at quilt shows, it makes me want to run home and be creative! I get so inspired by other artists!