Sunday, June 14, 2009

Second in Beach Series: Birds Of A Feather

I just stitched the binding on, "Birds Of A Feather," the second in my beach series along with Blue Jellyfish, shown in an earlier post. Boy, I hate binding! I am purposely keeping this as a, "soft quilt," as I may enter this piece in a quilt show, as part of a group exhibit with some Florida quilters.

There is this dilema, do I mount the piece on stretcher bars, on canvas, frame it, or leave it soft? Leaving it soft, is easier for shipping purposes. But the bottom line is.....oh how I hate to do binding!

What are the rest of you doing, for the most part?


  1. Re: Binding. I rarely bind a quilt these days. Facing seems easier and I like the look. I have also done two opposite sides faced and the other two bound - which suits on some quilts. I think you will find that most 'quilt shows' will not take hard work because it is difficult to hang. They want soft quilts that all hang with the same setup. As a collector I don't buy framed or mounted work because it creates a storage problem for the space I have available for storage. Del

  2. You don't 'have to' bind a work just because something itmay be going in a show; this is a design or artistic decision you make regardless of where it might appear. Although not suitable for this lovely piece, you can even leave the edges raw sometime if that suits your design purpose - ANYTHING GOES if you are designing your own work. Don't be afraid to think about your work and make a decision about what you want, not because you think someone thinks you should do something this way or that...

  3. I agree with the above 2 statements...
    If you look at my recent pieces on my blog... my Moon Series and my 169 Buttons.. Edge finishing, they are not bound.
    As Alison says, it is part of your statement as the artist.
    BTW, this is a lovely piece.

  4. I love your beach pieces. The quilting is lovely and textural, and the found and created objects are stunning. I love the sand dollar on the jellyfish quilt and the beach glass on this one. Beautiful.